Welcome Internal Auditors and Risk professionals.

We are in the learning business and our purpose is to build your confidence and competence in your role.

At ARL Coach we decided to help you make the big shift to inculcate self-driven learning (not training). We believe  learning that is collaboration-driven, connected and continuous will improve work delivery, add value to Organisation and stakeholders.

We want to ignite your motivation to learn, get certified as a CIA and reach a higher state of proficiency. When you apply acquired knowledge & practice improved skills, you will continue adding value and deliver results that matter.

We want to be the reason for your success in your role and career.

Join us in the learning journey and discover how you can win as an Internal Auditor/ Risk professional. Start with our  FREE ARL webinars where we help you connect, learn and transform while working.




Gurbakhish (GB)


  • A self taught management accountant, certified Internal auditor, Quality instructor and ARL coach.
  • Passionate CIA with 30 years in Internal audit and 18 more years in Finance, Sales, Admin, Finance, Property management, Learning & development, Teaching and coaching.
  • Started as casual worker and self studied while working. Served in leadership roles in internal audit, risk management, treasury, accounting, admin, property management.
  • Industries covered include Commercial Properties– Operations, Manufacturing, Trading – consumables, Auto trade – motor & heavy equipment, Travel & Shipping, Retail Banking / leasing, Plantation Operations – Estates & Mills, Property development and management, IT hardware & software solutions.
  • Internal audit and Risk management has been a strong passion.


Certificates are issued by our MALAYSIAN OR Australian organisations

Our Solutions

  • Internal Audit
  • Risk Management
  • Quality Improvement Program
  • Project Management
  • Business Operational Improvements
  • Coaching 


Our delivery team will come on site for in house & public workshops to deliver the learning modules.

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Our mission is to coach and develop Internal Auditors & Risk Professionals to improve their confidence & competence to fit roles and deliver improved productivity, performance and results.