How we do it

To ensure that learning lasts and deliver tangible and measurable ROI, we create learning teams and organisations by connecting, learning and transforming (People & Business results) through;

  1. People – Participants, supervisors and Sponsors come together to work on the work challenges so that results that matter are achieved.
  2. Engagement Process – The learning journey involves several stages;
    1. Understanding the customer’s needs by defining the purpose, scope and our service that is relevant
    2. Discovering relevant information that confirms the need and validating the gaps and opportunity
    3. Diagnosing what is missing and the root causes to qualify the gaps and opportunity
    4. Co- designing and developing the learning modules and interventions
    5. We strictly ensure delivering the learning program and tracking deliverables & milestones is done by our ARLcoach and not third parties
    6. Documenting and debriefing the stakeholders in a timely manner
    7. Leaving the teams with lessons learnt and way forward for learning that lasts through continuous and sustainable improvements.
  3. Results that matter – Tangible and measurable outcomes that deliver ROI.
  4. Participants receive 2 types of certificates – The attendance certificate upon completion of the initial face to face/ online workshop and the competency certificate after completion of all interventions and satisfactory assessments by 4 parties.

We develop the auditors (over a 6-9 months project span) while they work on the results that matter. We rely on:

  • Our Engagement process
  • QES framework
  • ARL methodology
  • IIA – IPPF compliance
  • ISO 31000 compliance (risk management)

Our mission is to coach and develop Internal Auditors & Risk Professionals to improve their confidence & competence to fit roles and deliver improved productivity, performance and results.